OK, I have read your FAQs and Q & As

OK, so I read you Q & As.  One question was, “What if I just stop paying my annual / monthly dues?
The short answer was “the developer will ruin your credit”!  Wow that sounds pretty bad.

BUT, due to a Divorce – I had to file Bankruptcy.  It involved a house, utility bills and several credit cards.
I got over it and within 5 years, there was no problems with my credit score.  My current credit score is over 800 and has been for several years.

So here is my question.  I am almost 65, ready to retire.  I own my house, my truck, I have paid cash for everything for the last four years (i.e. I do not use credit cards), so if I stop paying these stupid annual dues and I stopped using credit a few years ago – how can the developer hurt me and my credit that I do not use anyway?

Thanks for your attention.

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