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More often than not, during a timeshare pitch there are many avowals by salesmen, at least verbally, trumpeting the posh locations and amenities that you will be able to access as a ‘vacation’ owner. Conversely, when it’s time to actually travel, you may be in for a rude awakening. The accessibility of many or most of these finer destinations is restricted, and you may well be told that you lack sufficient ‘points’ to access them.

In addition, the financing expenses and even the annual dues that you pay may well have covered the costs of a five star resort without restrictions, with no long term obligation. And don’t expect any sympathy from the developer. Most patrons initially try to call the salesmen himself to straighten matters out, only to find that he can’t be reached.

What you get, instead, is likely someone in customer service who will direct you to read the fine print of the contract that you signed. If you do, you’ll find that it’s so full of disclaimers, waivers, and legal weasel words that the value of whatever legal interest you thought you had in the timeshare is almost totally in the discretion of the developer. Worst of all, you seem to be trapped with no way out.

Don’t panic. Sound, competent legal help is available. There is no reason why you should continue to throw good money after bad. The initial consultation is free of charge. Often we can obtain a legal cancelation of the contract and get you out of debt. And we can invariably dispute the validity of the obligation with the credit bureaus, thereby forcing them to report the existence of the dispute and protecting your credit score.

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